COVID-19 Counselling Support in Burnaby, BC

Are you feeling stressed, worried or anxious about the ongoing pandemic situation?
Have you been feeling more irritable lately, resulting in increased arguments?
Are you having issues with sleep?

If you're feeling overwhelmed by the abundance of news updates and social media posts about the COVID-19 pandemic, counselling support can help you learn to reduce your stress.

Could you benefit from counselling support?

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Due to the current risk of COVID-19, also known as the Coronavirus, to prevent the spread of the virus and encourage social distancing, all sessions will be temporarily held by video or telephone. Though not ideal for some, I anticipate this to be a temporary solution.

During this time, I will be waiving my customary fees for late cancellations and rescheduling. A late cancellation fee will not be applied if you fall ill within 24 hours of our appointment and need to cancel your session. However, clients who do not arrive to their appointments will be charged a fee for the missed session.

Getting counselling support during COVID-19 pandemic:

It's normal to feel concerned about the news during this time. For many people, existing mental health concerns and relationship stress have become worse. A common experience of high stress is anxiety, a fear of losing control, and imagining the worst outcomes. An inability to tolerate uncertainty and a low stress threshold are also common.

Thankfully, many experts are publishing helpful tips for mental health during the pandemic. Reading recommendations is not always sufficient to reduce stress, though.

Counselling for COVID-19 support might be helpful for you if:

- You are having difficulty sleeping
- You are feeling easily irritable, frustrated or angry
- You are experiencing anxiety or panic attacks
- You are feeling a sense of unreality or dissociation
- You are having frequent arguments with your partner or other loved ones

While social distancing, self-isolation and quarantine are necessary to help "flatten the curve," no one needs to suffer mentally beyond what is reasonably expected.

To encourage social distancing, all counselling sessions are currently being held on telephone and virtually.  Click here to read about how to prepare for distance counselling. Distance counselling may not be appropriate for everyone depending on the nature of their concerns and their situation.

Reach out for emotional support and remember, you do not need to suffer through this.