The Relationship Tune-Up Webinar

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What’s stopping you from getting MORE of what you want in your relationship?

A relationship tune-up can help you have better communication for MORE satisfaction and MORE intimacy.

What's inside the course:

I'm going to help you learn the skills and relationship habits to create a healthy relationship that you love.

This webinar includes an overview of the Gottman Seven Principles for relationships, how to identify (and remedy!) ruptures in communication, love languages and apology languages, and how to create more intimacy and closeness.

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** This webinar is for all individuals and couples  looking to improve their relationships. It is appropriate for all relationship stages (dating, premarital, married), all sexual orientations, and identities. **

Here's What's Inside!

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1. Romantic Attachment

Learn about the different attachment styles and how they can contribute to challenges in your relationship. Decode your attachment style for closer connection!

2. Communication

I'll teach you tips from leading couples experts that can amp up your communication and teach you how to talk so your partner will hear what you really mean.

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3. Repairs & Apologies

We all make mistakes! It's normal. Sometimes sorry isn't enough. We'll explore types of apologies and how to repair communication mishaps.

4. Keeping Intimacy Alive

Building on the first steps, we'll talk about surprisingly simple ways to keep the flames of intimacy alive and thriving in your relationship.

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Purchase a Gottman Couples Kit to follow along with webinar exercises. Inside the kit: one copy of the New York Times best-selling book, The Seven Principles for Making Marriage Work by John Gottman, two couples workbooks, and two Gottman Card Decks for fun date-night and conversation starters! (A no-contact pick up will be arranged.)

Couples Kit: $70 + GST

** This webinar is not intended to be a replacement for couples therapy and is intended to be for educational purposes only. Results are not guaranteed. View Terms & Conditions here.**