Cancellation & Appointment Policy

Updated August 17, 2021

Our session is sacred therapeutic space. Your session time is reserved exclusively for you, and therefore is not available to others. As there is a high demand for services, I often carry a cancellation list or a wait list, so advance notice is essential to fill appointments that open last-minute.

The software I use for scheduling can provide automated reminders 2 days before and 2 hours before your appointment, You will also receive an email 1 hour before your session regardless if you have opted into reminders. Every effort is made to prevent late cancellations and avoid a missed appointment.

Twenty-four (24) hours notice must be given for the cancellation or rescheduling of appointments, otherwise the full session fee will be charged. This also applies to appointments that are scheduled and then cancelled on the same day. If you late cancel, miss or no-show to your free consultation, you may forfeit your opportunity for a free consultation.

An appointment will be considered to be missed when the client is late by 20 minutes or more. No-shows and missed sessions will be charged for the full value of the session, and appointments that are cancelled with less than 24 hours notice with be charged a full session fee. For clients who have a prepaid counselling package, a no-show/missed appointment will count as the prepaid session being used and a receipt will be issued noting the missed appointment.

The online scheduling software I use sends appointment reminders to help avoid missed appointments and late cancellations. In the event of a technological issue that prevents automated reminders from being sent, clients will be responsible for showing up to an appointment or cancelling with sufficient notice.

If you have pre-booked future counselling appointments, you may be required to prepay for your next session(s) after a no-show/missed appointment to prevent future missed appointments. If you decide to cancel a prepaid appointment before your next session, you will be reimbursed appropriately, or the fee may be applied to your next upcoming session.

If you are unsure of your appointment time or date, please contact me to confirm your schedule. Clients are responsible to arrive to their appointment on time. For online and in-person sessions, an appointment will be considered a no-show/missed appointment after 15 minutes. If you will be arriving more than 15 minutes after your session start time, please contact me to discuss the appropriate accomodation.

Clients who regularly book appointments and then no-show may be requested to pause counselling until it is financially feasible or until alternative arrangements can be made to ensure your presence at appointments. You may consider alternative options such as free resources, online resources, or support groups in the community.

Clients who have counselling sessions funded by ICBC as a third party billing provider are required to abide by this appointment and cancellation policy. ICBC will not pay for a missed session or a late cancellation. In the event that you miss your session or must cancel with less than 24 hours notice, you will be billed for the session in full.

No-show and missed appointments can be paid via e-transfer, Visa, Visa debit, or MasterCard. (Cash is not accepted during the pandemic.) Receipts for no-show and missed sessions will have the “cancellation” or “missed appointment” fee noted on receipts. Please note that receipts for missed appointments cannot be claimed on insurance as this would be considered fraudulent.

A cancellation fee may be waived at the therapist’s discretion in the event of urgent circumstances such as a personal health emergency, death of a family member, or natural disaster.

I treat our appointments with the same appreciation and care considered by clients. If I need to cancel an appointment with less than 24 hours notice, appropriate measures regarding compensation may be offered if the circumstances contributing to a my own late cancellation do not meet the above requirements applied to my clients.

To ensure the fairness of my cancellation and appointment policy, this policy will apply without prejudice.

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