You need therapy as unique as you are.

And you’re tired of playing therapist roulette to find someone you vibe with.

You can't take all your problems to your bestie or your regular people. That's why therapists exist. Millennials have mental health needs that demands a unique approach to therapy because…

…you see the world differently. You know that poor mental health relates to earlier life experiences somehow...

…you’re concerned about mental health, relationships, the environment, the economy and the future. And you’re frustrated with systemic problems. SHEESH… (okay, let's take a step back)...

…you need tools, coping skills and unbiased support because you realize that your support people right now cannot be your only people.

So welcome to my online office. I can help you understand your problems now in the context of your life, all while integrating & upgrading your skills so you can solve your problems. It may sound like a lot of ground to cover, but I make it easy.

Burnaby Telehealth Therapy

I’m here to help millennials

Who can relate to any of the following…

  • Anxiety that fluctuates from almost manageable to full-blown
  • You’ve got PEP - perfectionism, enoughness issues or people-pleasing tendencies
  • Stress is throwing your life off balance
  • No matter how hard you try it seems like you’re stuck in the same old pattern
  • You feel like you almost have it all together but something is missing

Have some freebies

free resources for you


Therapy Preparation Worksheet

free couples worksheet

Resource Sheet for Couples


Post-Therapy Reflection Worksheet

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Therapy as unique as you.


Stage 1: bring your therapy goals or tell me what concerns you. I can also help you figure out what goals to set.

Trust the process

Stage 2: we create a tailored treatment plan to meet your needs as we work together. You'll learn skills, exercises and techniques to help your reach your goals.


Stage 3: this is where we explore mental health maintenance habits, ongoing steps you can take & community resources.

Do you love free stuff as much as I do?

I'm passionate about sharing mental health resources, tips and exercises on my socials...with a healthy dose of humor (theatre kids say whaat!) Follow me on my social channels for daily tips, laughs, and regular BTS (behind the scenes & screen) of a millennial telehealth therapist.

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