Want to upgrade your relationship at your convenience?

Gottman Couples Workshops Vancouver

Online Couples Workshops and In-Person

This workshop is for you if...

You're in a committed relationship, engaged or married and want to build a strong foundation for your future...

You're tired of fighting with your partner, exhausted from the cycle of emotional ups and downs...

Or you enjoy your relationship and want to take it from good to great!

Delivery options:

  1. Weekly (10 sessions) 60 minutes
  2. Booster sessions 90 to 120-minute
  3. Half-day, full-day or weekend format

Gottman Couples Workshops

Longer format workshops combine teaching and demos with private one-on-one exercises for couples to improve their relationship in real time.

Couples walk away with tools & practice to:

  • Strengthen friendship with your partner
  • Create intimacy and closeness
  • Build on trust and commitment
  • Identify solvable & perpetual problems
  • Compromise (the real kind) and resolve conflict
  • Communicate clearly and feel heard and understood

The Gottman Seven Principles couples workshop is for couples at all stages, including:

  • Pre-engaged couples considering marriage
  • Engaged, premarital and married couples
  • Couples needing better conflict management skills
  • Folks considering couples therapy but aren't "ready" for weekly therapy yet
  • People of all ages, genders, orientations and ethnic backgrounds

Disclaimer: This workshop is not appropriate for couples with emotional abuse, domestic violence, unwanted touch, or substance abuse.