Couples & Marriage Counselling in Burnaby, BC

Couples therapy is for dating, pre-marital engaged, and married couples to explore communication, conflict, attachment, intimacy and more. Couples and marriage counselling is different from individual counselling in many ways. The dynamic of couples counselling is such that the counsellor enters into the relationship as a non-judgmental observer to witness the level of support, love, responsibility and empathy, interaction patterns and overall degree of distress.

An important aspect of couples and marriage counselling is that both partners feel safe, heard and understood. An ideal couples counselling environment will provide equal opportunities for both partners to speak regardless of who has initiated the counselling relationship. This helps to reinforce the principles of an effective partnership, including honest communication and equal sharing of accountability and responsibility.

How counselling can help your relationship:

- The way we communicate love to our partner can be different then the way they like to receive messages of love and affection. Discover your dominant Love Languages to increase intimacy, affection and love in your relationship.

- Couples can become stuck in repeating patterns of conversation and behaviours that can be hard to break even when they are aware of it. Explore your attachment style and interaction patterns to increase self-understanding and empathy in your relationship.

- A solid relationship is built on a foundation of intimately knowing and understanding your partner, which creates space for expressions of love, accepting influence, managing conflict and creating a meaningful relationship. Learn to diffuse and resolve conflict by improving communication patterns and engaging in validating conversation without criticism, contempt, stonewalling or defensiveness.

- Establish or re-establish a sense of trust and partnership in your couple bubble through relationship strengthening exercises.

- Learn how to have conversations about difficult or sensitive topics with minimal conflict.

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