Imagine a place where you can say whatever's on your mind confidentially and without fear of being judged.

Individual counselling is a good option for you if...

You are feeling stressed, overwhelmed and need some help finding your footing...

You want relief from the distressing symptoms caused by your stress and anxiety...

You've tried talking to others and using self-help resources but seem to be stuck or getting nowhere...

Your attempts to change a behaviour or your mindset seem to keep reverting to old ways...

Either yourself or loved ones have pointed out patterns in your behaviours and emotions that are causing stress & conflict...

You want to learn more about yourself & experience less stress and anxiety in relationships and in your life

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Your individual counselling experience should be as unique as you are.

Unlike chatting with loved ones, coworkers, your hair dresser or massage therapist, a counsellor reflects back what you say. The role of a therapist is to show you your life, help you see new perspectives and encourage your personal growth. Plus, I'm trained to do this.

Here's what you can expect from individual counselling with me

  • A non-judgmental space to voice your stresses and  concerns
  • To feel heard and understood
  • To learn new strategies to meet your goals
  • Having a cheerleader that's always in your corner, but also ready to challenge you like a coach
  • To be held accountable to your goals and provided with heaps of encouragement
  • Tools & techniques to help boost your progress in individual counselling
counselling in burnaby

Finding a therapist can be difficult, so allow me to simplify the process for you.

You want to feel comfortable and safe with your therapist, and feel a genuine connection. Here are some ways to see if we're a match:

  • Make sure that I work with the topics that bring you to therapy on the About me page
  • Check out my personality via my social channels
  • Book a consultation to follow your hunch and meet one-on-one to test the vibe

Change is ready for you.

Book your first counselling session today.