Individual Counselling in Burnaby, BC

Individual counselling is such a unique experience. Imagine a time and space where you could speak whatever is on your mind confidentially. A unique benefit of counselling is that your therapist will reflect back what you have said, help broaden your perspective and encourage your self-reflection along the way.

A major component of individual counselling is the therapeutic relationship. As a client, you want to make sure you feel comfortable and safe with your therapist, and that you feel a genuine connection. My approach to counselling is very collaborative. Clients get the sense that they are are heard, understood, and free to discuss whatever way they choose. At the same time, clients are encouraged to create a goal so that a treatment plan can be organized to provide a "map" for the course of counselling. The path of therapy can be winding or straight, rigid or flexible, and once your goal has been met, you may choose to build on the momentum and pursue another goal.

Because counselling is an individualized process, the strategies used in treatment will vary, but I always draw from particular methods ("toolboxes"). You can read more about my personal philosophy of counselling by clicking here.

I regularly welcome feedback in session and encourage clients to reflect on their personal process and the therapeutic relationship.

How counselling can help you:

- Get relief from symptoms. By learning specific behaviours and engaging in self-reflection, you will reduce your overall level of stress, improve your self-awareness and increase your sense of wellbeing.

- Expand self-knowledge. Understanding your core values and personal beliefs about yourself, others and the world around you will help increase your personal awareness and leads to a shift in your perspective. This can result in positive changes in your orientation to the world and in relationships with others.

- Increase your coping skills. Coping skills are strategies you can rely on for effective self-soothing during times of stress, emotional pain, overwhelm and anger. Throughout counselling you will learn how to evaluate your current strategies and increase the tools in your self-care toolbox.

- Learn about your "growing edges." Counselling can help you learn how to reframe perceived failures as opportunities for insight and growth along your path to success.

- Get motivated and meet your goals! Therapy is a great way to introduce accountability in meeting your personal and professional goals. Learn tips to motivate yourself on difficult days and strategies to navigate challenges with self-compassion.

Change is ready for you.

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