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Online therapy is not appropriate for everyone. You will want to consider factors such as: if you have a private space where you can attend sessions, if you have a secure internet connection, and even the seriousness or intensity of the topic you want to address. If you hope to fit online therapy sessions in amongst your daily appointments, make sure that you will have time to transition from being in session to moving to your next task or meeting.

Newly starting clients benefit from meeting once a week. This helps build momentum toward your goals and can quickly give you a sense of if we are a good fit to work together. More frequent sessions are especially helpful for those who are new to therapy or new to my practice.

Each person’s therapy process depends on a lot of factors. Some people come to therapy short-term to resolve an issue, while others prefer to have long-term support. In general, for one newly emerging issue clients typically feel significantly better within 10 weeks of regular sessions. This isn’t the rule (or even the exception), but it can help to set some expectations.

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Wondering if We Could Be a Good Fit?

If you're interested in overcoming:

  • Anxiety & perfectionism
  • People-pleasing
  • Relationship issues

The answer might be YES!

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