Low Cost Counselling

I offer counselling services at a reduced rate for individuals with low income and financial considerations. I hold a limited number of reduced rate spots so that individuals can receive therapy at Ashley Greensmyth Counselling who might otherwise be unable to receive services or access the therapy techniques that I offer.

At the start of your therapy, we'll discuss an appropriate amount of sessions at the reduced rate so that the space can be offered continually to new individuals seeking support. Individuals who require reduced rate services on an ongoing basis will be provided with referrals to clinics that regularly offer sliding scale and reduced rate services.

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Are You Ready for Change?

Whether you're a therapy new-comer or an experienced therapy-goer, I'll meet you where you're at and help you reach your goals.

Clients who work with me report feeling less anxious, more confident, more grounded, less easily stressed; they set boundaries more easily, feel comfortable to express themselves, and have satisfying relationships.