Online Counselling in Burnaby, BC

Online counselling can bring the convention of talk therapy to your home space, work space, while on vacation, or on-the-go. Unlike with in person counselling, with virtual therapy you get the opportunity to practice therapy exercises like exposure with your counsellor *virtually* at your side.

Online therapy is often more accessible than in person therapy. It also works great for those with a tight schedule or who have irregular transportation. If you work from home or have a private space where you can engage in video therapy, this is a perfect for you!

Video therapy might not be appropriate for individuals who are experiencing acute trauma, active suicidal ideation, or who have serious mental health concerns (like active psychosis) and severe relationship issues (for online couples therapy). If you're not sure if this applies to you, no worries. If I think in person therapy will be more suitable for you, I'll provide you with referrals for in-person therapy.

Privacy & Confidentiality

A major component of online counselling is privacy. To protect your confidentiality, online sessions will be conducted in a private office space so that your session cannot be overheard on my end. You can help protect your privacy by wearing headphones, notifying others that you'll be unavailable during our counselling session, and even having music play outside of your room to prevent others from overhearing the conversation. Read this blog for more tips on preparing for your virtual session.

Online Counselling Tools

Because online therapy is an individualized process, the strategies I use will vary. This can include worksheets, conversation topics, educational information and exercises to practice inside and outside of session. You can read more about my counselling approach here.

I regularly welcome feedback and encourage clients to reflect on the therapy relationship. Let's make sure you have the best therapy experience possible!

How counselling can help you:

- Get relief from symptoms. By learning specific behaviours and engaging in self-reflection, you will reduce your overall level of stress, improve your self-awareness and increase your sense of wellbeing.

- Expand self-knowledge. Understanding your core values and personal beliefs about yourself, others and the world around you will help increase your personal awareness and leads to a shift in your perspective. This can result in positive changes in your orientation to the world and in relationships with others.

- Increase your coping skills. Coping skills are strategies you can rely on for effective self-soothing during times of stress, emotional pain, overwhelm and anger. Throughout counselling you will learn how to evaluate your current strategies and increase the tools in your self-care toolbox.

- Learn about your "growing edges." Counselling can help you learn how to reframe perceived failures as opportunities for insight and growth along your path to success.

- Get motivated and meet your goals! Therapy is a great way to introduce accountability in meeting your personal and professional goals. Learn tips to motivate yourself on difficult days and strategies to navigate challenges with self-compassion.

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