Areas of practice:

I draw from a variety of therapy styles including:

  • Adlerian Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Mindfulness Approaches
  • Gottman Method
  • Nonviolent Communication

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Self Esteem, Confidence & Self Compassion

Exploring self esteem in counselling provides an opportunity to examine your overall opinion about yourself, including your strengths and limitations. Self-esteem is tied to self worth, and people who have low self esteem put very little value on their own opinions and ideas. Counselling provides an opportunity to identify internal strengths and cultivate positive self esteem through individual and social efforts.

Therapy for Confidence

A feeling of self confidence comes from the belief in one’s capabilities to be reliable for something. At the heart of self confidence is trusting oneself. The process of building or re-building confidence is much like a staircase because we build success upon success. Strengths are identified and limitations are challenged and processed. Missteps or failures are seen as opportunities for growth and exploration to overcome what might be challenging a person’s vulnerabilities.

Self Compassion

The act of self compassion is extending kindness to oneself the way a person would extend kindness to someone they care about. Self compassion provides encouragement. Encouragement allows a person to see opportunities where they used to see obstacles or dead ends. Learning self compassion is a cognitive and emotional process.

Social Justice and Identity

Exploring self esteem, confidence and self compassion can sometimes require taking a social justice approach to explore societal messaging around topics such as gender roles, stereotypes, life milestones, and dismantling messages about the standards of beauty and worthiness. A social justice approach includes exploring identity, intersectionality, biases, oppression, and privilege. While not intended to be the sole focus of therapy for self esteem, confidence and self compassion, this approach empowers individuals with awareness and understanding that forms the basis of compassion for oneself and others.

How do I treat self esteem, confidence and self compassion?
Stress and satisfaction evaluation
Self-talk & automatic thoughts
Mistaken beliefs
Strengths building
Expressing feelings
Assertiveness & boundary setting

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