Counselling Fees

Counselling sessions are offered online for individuals and couples. Telephone counselling is offered when applicable.

See Jane for up-to-date pricing for individual and couples counselling. 50 and 80 minute sessions are available. Contact me directly to arrange an 80 minute session.

*Reduced rate "sliding scale" fee is offered dependent on availability.

Session Packages

Counselling session packages are available for clients who would like to pre-pay for sessions. This can help to create accountability and fit counselling into your annual budget. Session package are available for 5 or 10 session prepaid sessions. The package fee is payable at purchase, or at the time of your first session. Session packages are available for individuals or couples. Please inquire directly for pricing.

Package Rate Terms & Conditions

Session packages are prepaid and non-refundable. You will have up to one calendar year from your first session to use the remaining sessions. If you are eligible for coverage from your extended health care provider, receipts will be issued individually upon the completion of each session, as extended health care providers will not provide reimbursement for sessions that have not occurred.

* GST is charged at current rate of 5%.


Payment can be made by cash, debit, Visa or MasterCard.

Official receipts include my BCACC registration number and are issued for all sessions. To reduce my office's carbon footprint, receipts are issued by email.

Timing of Payment

Payments are due and completed at the end of your session. Payments made by cash or e-transfer will be due and processed at either the start or end of your session.


I have a 24-hour cancellation policy. Appointments cancelled with less than 24 hours notice may be charged for the full session fee at the discretion of the counsellor. Missed appointments are charged the full session fee.

View my cancellation & appointment policy.

Extended Health Insurance

If you have extended health insurance through your work or through an immediate family member’s employer, you may be covered for the services of a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC).

Some extended health care plans cover services provided by an RCC, while others do not. Counselling services provided by RCCs are not currently covered by MSP. Learn how you can help advocate for counsellors with FACTBC.

If you are on short or long-term disability from your work and have a private insurance plan, ask your insurance provider if you are eligible to receive counselling services from an RCC.

If you do not have extended health insurance, you may still be able to deduct counselling as a health-related expense on your annual income tax return depending on your total annual health expenses.

Direct Billing to Insurance

Direct billing is not currently offered by Ashley Greensmyth Counselling, however every receipt issued will contain the information required to process the reimbursement with your insurance provider. This includes my BCACC registration number, your name, and the date and location of your appointment.

Third Party Billing to ICBC

Third party billing to ICBC is currently offered. In order to be eligible for this service, I will need to confirm coverage with your ICBC Claims Specialist. You will be required to pay a "user fee" for each ICBC counselling session. This fee is equivalent to the difference between what ICBC will pay and the full session fee. As of April 1, 2020, ICBC will pay $215 + GST for the initial assessment and report and $123 + GST for a regular 50-minute session. You can seek reimbursement for user fees with your extended health insurance if this is available to you.

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