Areas of practice:

I draw from a variety of therapy styles including:

  • Adlerian Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy
  • EMDR Therapy
  • Lifespan Integration
  • Mindfulness Approaches
  • Gottman Method
  • Nonviolent Communication

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Personal Growth & Self Development

Personal development therapy is for people who want to explore their behaviour patterns, assesses their skills, clarify and align with their values and increase seld-awareness. Maybe you're leaving a job... or a relationship... and you're ready to look inward and set some goals for self improvement. It’s true that sometimes people go to counselling simply because they're curious about therapy or because they want to have a mental health check in. Personal growth and self development can look like this, too.

Goal Setting in Therapy

You don’t need to know exactly why you want to come to counselling before you begin. (It can be helpful-don't get me wrong- but it's not required.) If you're not entirely sure or you haven't pinpointed the exact "thing" you want to address, we'll figure it out during the assessment process when we take an inventory of your life. Learning about setting goals can be a part of your personal growth. Whether you intend to or not, you're likely to learn about yourself and your goal setting style through this process.

Short-Term Personal Development

Sometimes people come to counselling for intentional short periods to work on identified topics in each "round" of sessions. This is another option for personal growth counselling, where therapy can help you keep accountable to your change goals.

Personal Growth and Self Development Therapy

How does treatment look?
This is a big freestyle area where every client has a trult tailored treatement plan. We typically discuss recent and ongoing stressful events, self care and overall satisfaction using various assessments and inventories. We might also explore beliefs, values, personality factors, lifestyle needs, attachment and boundaries, to give you a sample of what's in store...

Are you ready to begin?

Bloom where you are planted. Let's explore your personal growth together.