When should I talk to a therapist?

Do you need to have a really serious problem to talk to a therapist?

People often have the impression that you need to have a really serious mental health concern to talk to a therapist. This is a misconception about counselling that may prevent people from seeking help when they need it.

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Individuals, couples and families experiencing any level of distress are encouraged to speak with a counsellor. Sometimes people may also see a therapist to work on self-development and goal setting. Couples can also do premarital counselling or may see a therapist for a formalized relationship check up.

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Having a counsellor can be a great support in your life. When you’re sick you see a doctor, so why not see a therapist when you’re feeling stressed out, overwhelmed, challenged or curious about developing and improving yourself?

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I have an open, warm, empathic and nonjudgmental approach with people so that you can feel comfortable sharing whatever you feel concerned about in your life, whether it’s related to mood, relationships, personal development, mental health, loss, trauma and anything in between. ?

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