Is counselling covered by my insurance provider?

Counselling and Health Insurance

If you have an extended health insurance plan, your insurance provider might provide partial or full reimbursement for counselling services.

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Insurance Coverage

Since extended health insurance coverage is different for each company, you'll need to contact your insurance/benefits plan administrator or the insurance company directly to find out what your coverage includes.

Some insurance companies provide coverage for counselling services from an RCC (Registered Clinical Counsellor) or CCC (Canadian Certified Counsellor). Some insurance companies cover Psychologists or Social Workers only. Many insurance companies have an internal EFAP/EAP (Employee and Family Assistance Program) you can access. If you use a counselling service or provide receipts for reimbursement to your insurance provider, your employer will NOT have access to your counselling file or know whether you have used counselling services.

How To Get Insurance Reimbursement

The process to get reimbursed by your insurance company will be fairly simple. This also depends on your insurance provider. Some health insurance companies will use a paper or electronic form to submit the receipt directly to them. Once your claim is processed, the insurance company will mail a cheque or deposit the money directly into your account.

Some insurance companies have an app so that you can submit your receipt quickly. Where applicable, some counsellors might offer direct billing to your insurance company so that all you have to pay is the remainder of the session fee.

If You Don't Have Coverage

If your insurance plan doesn’t currently cover counselling, you may be able to add it by asking your insurer to include counselling coverage.

You can also consider asking your benefits administrator or Human Resources to add counselling or an EAP (Employment Assistance Program) to your health coverage.

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